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Living Room

Illuminate and Elevate: Furniture, Accessories, and Lighting for the Perfect Living Room

Step into a world where furniture meets function, accessories accentuate, and lighting illuminates every corner of your living space. From cozy sofas and chic coffee tables to vibrant cushions and ambient lights, our collection offers a comprehensive solution to design a living room that speaks to your soul. Curated from esteemed global craftsmen and designers, each piece promises quality, style, and a touch of home.


GRID - Daybed


Presenting the Grid Daybed by Petite Friture: Redefining Versatility and Comfort In 2015, the design studio Pool conceived the Grid Daybed for Petite Friture, in tribute to the Bauhaus style...

YAM - Pouf

€985,00 €1.180,00

Northern's Yam Pouf: Timeless Ottoman Elegance Reimagined Drawing inspiration from the traditional Ottoman stools, Northern introduces the Yam Pouf, a splendid addition to its already renowned Yam series. Merging classic...

YAM - Lounge Chair

€1.965,00 €2.260,00

Northern's Yam Lounge Chair: Ottoman-Inspired Elegance Embracing the allure of traditional Ottoman stools, Northern presents the Yam Lounge Chair - a harmonious blend of time-honored inspiration and contemporary finesse. This...

DROP - Chandelier

€973,25 €1.080,00

101 Copenhagen Drop Chandelier - 50s Danish Modernism meets contemporary design The 101 Copenhagen Drop Chandelier is inspired by the 50s Danish Modernism. Using the nature inspired waterdrop shaped shades,...

AUDACIOUS - Side Table


Umage Audacious Side Table: Elegance Meets Functionality The Audacious Side Table by Umage seamlessly combines aesthetics with utility, making it an ideal addition to contemporary living spaces. Whether nestled next...

ARKET - Plant Pot

€55,00 €595,00

The Arket Plant Pot by 101 Copenhagen: Where Architecture Meets Nature Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of architectural designs and the serene undulations of organic forms, 101 Copenhagen’s Arket Plant...

THE READER - Wing Chair

€1.899,00 €2.899,00

Umage's The Reader Wing Chair: A Sanctuary of Solitude & Sophistication Embrace tranquility with The Reader wing chair by Umage. Crafted with precision and passion, The Reader is more than...

THE READER - Ottoman

€649,00 €1.049,00

Umage’s The Reader Ottoman: Elegant Simplicity Meets Comfort From the house of Umage, The Reader Ottoman beckons with its refined design and commitment to comfort. Exuding sophistication, its solid oak...

SCREEN XL - Pendant Light

€455,00 €480,00

Market Set Screen - Bring warmth to your space with this French lighting collection Discover the Screen collection from the French lighting design house Market Set. This elegant design pendant...

URCHIN - Plant Pot

€55,00 €545,00

101 Copenhagen's Urchin Plant Pot: A Seaside Inspiration Melded with Function Amidst the myriad plant pot designs, 101 Copenhagen’s Urchin Plant Pot is an ode to nature's artistry and an...

SCULPT - Wall Art

€195,00 €995,00

Sculpt Wall Art: Brutalist Inspiration Meets Sustainability by 101 Copenhagen Deeply rooted in the nuances of brutalist architecture and the minimalistic tendencies of 1960s American art, the Sculpt Art collection...

BRICK - Candleholder

€115,00 €195,00

The Brick Candleholder: Architectural Elegance by 101 Copenhagen Drawing inspiration from foundational building elements, 101 Copenhagen's Brick Candle Holders are more than just functional objects; they're sculptural masterpieces. With an...

COBRA - Vase

€45,00 €155,00

The Cobra Vase by 101 Copenhagen: Embracing the Artistry of the 1960s Cobra Movement Journeying back to the influential Cobra Arts Movement of the 1960s, the Cobra Vase by 101...

BLOOM - Vase

€195,00 €545,00

Bloom Vase by 101 Copenhagen: A Nod to Nature's Delicate Dance A harmonious blend of inspiration from the natural world and sophisticated design, the Bloom Vase is a captivating ode...


€60,00 €75,00

101 Copenhagen Sphere Shisen Vase: Where Tradition Meets Modernity MINIMUM ORDER QTY. - 4 pieces. An emblem of 101 Copenhagen's signature aesthetic, the Sphere Shisen Vase holds a special place...

TOGETHER - Coffee Table

€649,00 €799,00

Umage Together Coffee Table: Where Style Meets Functionality Introducing the Together Coffee Table by Umage – a marriage of aesthetic charm and utility. Crafted meticulously from oak, this table exudes...



Umage Lounge Around Shuffle Coffee Table: The Pinnacle of Functionality and Aesthetics Discover the multifaceted beauty of the Lounge Around Shuffle Coffee Table by Umage. Designed to redefine the dynamics...


€1.999,00 €2.999,00

Umage's A Conversation Piece™ Tall: Elegance Elevated Steeped in sophistication, the A Conversation Piece™ Tall by Umage is a harmonious blend of design and comfort. This lounge chair stands as...


€749,00 €1.099,00

Umage's A Conversation Piece Ottoman: Perfect Pairing of Form and Function Revel in the refined artistry of the A Conversation Piece Ottoman by Umage. Designed meticulously to echo the heart-shaped...


€1.599,00 €2.499,00

Umage's A Conversation Piece Lounge Chair: Redefining Comfort & Sustainability Dive into the embrace of the A Conversation Piece low, a lounge chair by Umage crafted for those who cherish...



Lounge Around Daybed by Umage: Refined Relaxation Meets Versatility Discover the epitome of comfort and versatility with the Lounge Around Daybed. Carefully crafted, this daybed stands as a beacon of...



Lounge Around 1.5-Seater Sofa by Umage: The Epitome of Customized Comfort Welcome to the world of sophisticated relaxation with the Lounge Around Sofa. Crafted to be the jewel of your...



Lounge Around 3-Seater Sofa by Umage: The Epitome of Customized Comfort Welcome to the world of sophisticated relaxation with the Lounge Around Sofa. Crafted to be the jewel of your...

LENS - Pendant Light


Bomma Lens - perfect optics of pure crystal Light refracted through a lens is a fundamental principle of optics. Here, two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their interior source, playing a monumental...

BRUTUS - Coffee Table


The 101 Copenhagen Brutus Coffee Table: A Brutalist Beacon in Modern Design The Brutus Coffee Table by 101 Copenhagen captures the raw spirit of the mid-20th century's Brutalist architectural movement...

FOKU - Lounge Chair


The 101 Copenhagen Foku Lounge Chair: Harmonizing Tradition with Contemporary Design In the heart of every 101 Copenhagen design lies a story, and the Foku Lounge Chair is no exception....

VERTIGO SMALL - Pendant Light


Petite Friture Vertigo Small Pendant Light - the Den Lamp According to the designer of the Petite Friture’s Vertigo lamp, Constance Guisset, the large, floating shade of the Vertigo creates...

TOE - Lounge Chair

€1.495,00 €2.695,00

The 101 Copenhagen Toe Lounge Chair: A Nostalgic Journey to Futuristic Comfort Steeped in the allure of the 1970s futuristic design and the space age era, 101 Copenhagen presents the...

TRIBU - Lounge Chair


The 101 Copenhagen Tribu Lounge Chair: Embracing Tribal Heritage with Modern-Day Luxury In the heart of the 101 Copenhagen's TRIBU Collection emerges the Tribu Lounge Chair, a marvel of design...



The Hifive Tall Floor Cabinet by Northern: Elevate Your Storage Game In the modern home, where style meets practicality, the Hifive Cabinet from Northern stands out with its contemporary design...


€1.600,00 €3.835,00

The Hifive Floor Cabinet by Northern: Elevate Your Storage Game In the modern home, where style meets practicality, the Hifive Cabinet from Northern stands out with its contemporary design and...


€935,00 €1.250,00

The Hifive Slim Wall Cabinet by Northern: Elevate Your Storage Game In the modern home, where style meets practicality, the Hifive Cabinet from Northern stands out with its contemporary design...

SCREEN 70s - Pendant Light


Market Set Screen 70's Pendant Light - relive the graphic 1970's with this updated French lighting collection Discover the Screen 70's collection from the French lighting design house Market Set....


€1.280,00 €3.315,00

The Hifive Cabinet by Northern: Elevate Your Storage Game In the modern home, where style meets practicality, the Hifive Cabinet from Northern stands out with its contemporary design and versatility....

PLIS - Sofa

€3.685,00 €5.900,00

Northern's Plis Sofa: A Harmonious Blend of Form and Comfort The Plis Sofa by Northern stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to creating furniture that is both aesthetically...



The Oblong Sofa by Northern: Where Simplicity Meets Modern Elegance Introducing the Oblong Sofa by Northern: a fusion of clean lines, modern aesthetic, and unparalleled comfort. This two-seater masterpiece, shaped...

BALLET PLIE - Pendant Light

€620,00 €840,00

a-emotional light Ballet Plie Pendant Light - A dynamic experiment of dance A-emotional light Ballet Plie Pendant Light by Héctor Serrano is a result of experimentation, resulting in dynamic forms...

OBLONG - Lounge Chair


The Oblong Lounge Chair by Northern: A Symphony of Comfort and Contemporary Art Step into the world of sophisticated relaxation with the Oblong Lounge Chair by Northern. This design marvel...

GEM - Sofa

€4.820,00 €6.390,00

Northern's Gem Sofa: A Timeless Jewel in Contemporary Furniture Design Bearing the signature of the award-winning Meike Harde, the Gem Sofa is the latest radiant addition to Northern's esteemed collection,...

DAYBE - Daybed

€1.965,00 €2.655,00

Experience Versatility with Northern's Daybe Daybed As part of Northern's curated collection, the Daybe Daybed, meticulously crafted by the Norwegian design maestros Morten & Jonas, stands as a beacon of...

About Living Room

Our range goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's about interweaving comfort with design, functional with the decorative, and soft glow with brilliance. Dive into our selection, and let's create a symphony of furnishings, accessories, and lighting that transforms your living room into an epitome of personal style and warmth.

Achieving a harmonious living room requires a balance between furniture, lighting, and accessories. Start with the foundational pieces—such as a plush sofa or a sleek coffee table—and consider their placement and function. Then, integrate lighting by determining the primary sources for ambient light—be it pendant lights or chandeliers. Pair these with task lighting like floor or table lamps beside reading nooks or seating areas. The key is to ensure that every furniture piece is accentuated without creating shadowed or overly bright spots, ensuring both functionality and ambiance.

Accessories bridge the gap between furniture and lighting, adding layers of depth and personality. Consider soft textiles, like cushions and throw blankets, that match or contrast with your sofa. Reflective or translucent vases can beautifully capture the glow from nearby lights. Wall art and mirrors not only adorn your walls but also influence how light is reflected and dispersed throughout the room. Plants can soften the space and add a touch of nature, while their pots or planters can echo the design elements of your furniture. Curated book collections, decorative trays, or unique sculptures can be strategically placed near lighting sources to draw attention and create focal points. By thoughtfully selecting accessories, you can enhance the cohesion between furniture and lighting, making your living room feel both complete and cozy.

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